Hey, My name is Efrat


I'm a Designer with over 10 years of hands on experience in multiple fields. Ever since I remember myself I wanted to design, I've dreamed about design. I still do.
It is a passion that drives me to evolve with the changing world, experience new fields, explore new techniques; to learn; to expand my expertise and break conventional boundaries.

I graduated with an Interdisciplinary B.A. in social sciences in the Department of Communication with Specialization in visual communication in 2005.
Became a certified UX Designer By UXI school in 2013.

After my studies, I've had the opportunity to work in different environments in a variety of design fields.
As a Graphic designer I have lead companies in a branding processes. I've worked in the fashion industry's production and manufacturing, first as a Graphic designer then as a Textile designer and later even as a Fashion designer. Later on I've become a Web designer and online shops developer.

The experience I have gave me the ability to create designs with a clear point of view, based on both emotional and logical ideas. I find it easy to communicate vision and translate it to visual having been on both sides, as a design provider and a design client. I enjoy to take part in the research process for each project.

I always pick up new inspiration everywhere I go. I have been traveling and working around the globe and each place left its mark. and for fun, I'm managing my own cooking blog based on my everyday cooking and traditions from my family's kitchen.

Thanks for reading :-)
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